Powerful post-processing software for any application. Generate useful geospatial products with ease.
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LiDAR Software – Powerline, Urban, Forestry and Terrain

LiDAR360 v1.5 out now.

Our products offer a systematic approach for processing large data sets allowing users to generate the most useful spatial products with ease. Features include high performance 3D visualization, massive data capabilities, modules for automating spatial product production and more. Our line includes the powerful, LiDAR360 and it’s introductory, free LiDAR360 Lite. We also offer LiForest which is developed specifically for forestry applications and has extensive and accurate features.

Our dedicated team of in-house developers provide regular updates, resulting in continued innovation, ease-of-use and practicality. Moreover, we offer a one-year free upgrade with your initial purchase. Our LiDAR Software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 – on both tablet and desktop.